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Please read and understand the following TERMS OF USE, (“TERMS OF USE” or “AGREEMENT”) which are mandatory for all ticket purchases through this Site.

By using the services on the www.duniport.com platform, you have automatically confirmed that you accept the terms and conditions of use.

  1. Introduction

The general terms of use will apply to the entire range of offers available online at www.duniport.com.

Duni Port Agency shpk (www.duniport.com) reserves the right to renew or change these Terms of Use at any time, and these changes will apply immediately, from the moment they are made public on the Site.

Duni Port Agency shpk (www.duniport.com) reserves the right, based on its judgment and without any prior notice, to interrupt or change the Site in whole or in part.

  1. Use of the website

This Site may be used exclusively for private purposes. The buyer is obliged to use the material of this website to inform himself about the Itineraries or Offers, as well as to buy tickets and other products for his own use. The use of this site, beyond these restrictions, is only possible if the buyer has received express permission and approval from Duni Port Agency shpk. Without the express written consent of Duni Port Agency shpk, it is categorically forbidden to set up Deep Links on this website, for any reason.

This Site is not suitable for minors. Reservation and reservation of tickets or other products is allowed only for persons over 18 years old.

The buyer must keep all personal account login data on this platform, or confidential data, and must immediately inform Duni Port Agency shpk if he discovers or suspects unauthorized use of his account as a user. In these cases the buyer is also responsible for unauthorized use of the Site.

All statements made under the buyer’s password or other input data will be effective for and against the buyer. The user is obliged not to use any Robot or Spider software, or to try with any other means (automatic or manual) to monitor or copy this Page and its content. The buyer is also obliged not to disrupt the normal operation of this Site in any way, and especially by deliberately overloading the system infrastructure of Duni Port Agency shpk.

Duni Port Agency shpk will pursue and undertake all necessary legal steps, according to civil and criminal law, against any illegal and/or unauthorized use of this site, especially in relation to unauthorized purchase or sale. of tickets, or for unauthorized framing of the Page, or for the unauthorized application of any Robot or Spider software or any other type of software.

  1. Prohibition of commercial use

No part of this Site can be used for commercial purposes, unless there is a prior written approval from Duni Port Agency shpk. In particular, any resale of tickets is strictly prohibited.

Tickets also cannot be sold privately at a price higher than the price printed on the ticket plus fees charged at the time of ticket purchase.

Duni Port Agency shpk reserves the right to deny entry to any customer or refuse to accept ticket orders from any customer whom Duni Port Agency shpk knows or has a reasonable suspicion that he/she is cooperating with another ticket broker, or with a black market dealer, or that he/she uses an automatic program for ticket orders or orders more tickets than the maximum number legally allowed by Duni Port Agency shpk per user.

Furthermore, the violation of these Terms of Use will lead to the loss of the right to enter the respective event, without any compensation, and the ticket in question will become invalid.

  1. Parties to the contract

Duni Port Agency shpk and www.duniport.com does not determine the itineraries or prices offered on the Site. They are determined by the Ferry Operators (Vendors) according to international maritime legislation and their own specific terms and conditions.

The respective Ferry Operators (Vendors) are also ticket issuers. Through the purchase of tickets, the contractual relationship regarding the trip is created between the respective purchaser and the respective Vendor. At the moment of making the reservation, Duni Port Agency shpk is only the intermediary that secures the offer on behalf and for the account of the respective Vendor, and processes the contract for the respective tickets/products for the respective Vendor with the respective Buyer.

Duni Port Agency shpk sells tickets on behalf of the respective Vendor in the status of agent or commission agent, except when Duni Port Agency shpk is expressly declared as the Vendor in a special case. In particular, Duni Port Agency shpk does not bear the risk of bankruptcy of the respective vendor. Along with the ticket purchase requests, the buyer is instructed by Duni Port Agency shpk to perform the ticket purchase, which includes the delivery of the tickets.

  1. Closing of the contract

The buyer makes the offer to close the contract at the moment he clicks on the “Confirm purchase” button on the page where the order for the offer in question is placed. Only when the transaction number has been allocated and sent by www.duniport.com to the buyer, then it can be called a contract concluded between the buyer and the respective contracting partner (Vendor).

  1. Information Responsibility

Details and travel information which appear on the www.duniport.com Site, such as the port of departure or arrival, the time of the departure or arrival, accommodation, vessel, will be made available to Duni Port Agency shpk by the respective Vendors, and no examination will be done to this information by Duni Port Agency shpk.

Www.duniport.com assumes no responsibility regarding the accuracy of the data provided. The latest travel information, especially regarding the actual day of departure, can be obtained precisely from the official websites of the Vendors, or through any other accessible source as well as in the daily press.

  1. Payment and price components

For security reasons, Duni Port Agency shpk reserves the right to apply limitations and exclusions to the payment methods used by the buyer to purchase tickets.

Ticket prices and fees also include the legal obligation of VAT in case it is applied. The total price of the order, including fees, must be paid immediately after the conclusion of the contract. The purchase can be made by credit card, debit card, cash payment in the BOB PAY network, and for some cases also by direct debit or bank transfer.

With the purchase of tickets and the service provided, which may vary according to Vendor, fees are also charged. These fees are shown and communicated to the buyer; there are no costs beyond the costs shown.

Additional optional services, when available, are offered separately and billed additionally along with the respective costs shown.

  1. Distribution and delivery

Tickets are sent to the buyer electronically. The distribution of tickets will be carried out by the method chosen by the seller, after the conclusion of the contract and the payment.

Tickets should always be checked when they are received and Duni Port Agency shpk should be notified of any errors. Errors when placing an order cannot always be corrected and some corrections may not be possible after the purchase is complete.

Duni Port Agency shpk is not responsible for the setting of incorrect data by the end customer during the purchase, which may lead to the non-receipt of the requested service. In case you have encountered such a problem, you should immediately contact the official e-mail address: booking@duniport.al

  1. Return and right of withdrawal from the contract

Duni Port Agency shpk offers the service of purchasing travel tickets. The ticket cannot be transferred, exchanged, or compensated after it has been purchased, for reasons other than those defined in these terms and conditions of use. Any order for tickets is binding immediately upon confirmation by Duni Port Agency shpk on behalf of the respective Vendor and obligates the purchaser to accept and pay for the tickets ordered.

  1. Refund

In case of (a) cancellation or (b) postponement of trip date, only the buyer has the right to claim the right against the respective vendor for the refund of the ticket price paid. These existing claims will be governed in detail by the statute or, where applicable, by the general conditions of the locality to the extent that they have acquired applicability in relation to the customer.

If it has been agreed between the Vendor and Duni Port Agency shpk, in special cases, Duni Port Agency shpk must, on behalf of the Vendor, refund the ticket price. The refund in this case must include the ticket price as well as all the calculated fees. In the event that the cancellation or postponement of the trip date is not the result of a failure to fulfill the obligations for the responsibility of Duni Port Agency shpk or its agents, for the execution or performance of the obligations, Duni Port Agency shpk is not responsible for the refund of the sale.

  1. Privacy and data protection

Duni Port Agency shpk collects and processes the personal data of its customers in fulfillment of its legal and contractual rights and obligations and in full compliance with Law No. 9887, dated 10.3.2008, “On the protection of personal data” » (amended).

In the framework of the use of the official website www.duniport.com, Duni Port Agency shpk can directly collect personal data by completing electronic forms which are registered in its systems. Completion of this data is optional and voluntary by site users.

By using the portal and/or giving approval for registration/contact, data subjects consent to their further processing and guarantee that the personal data provided are correct, true and up-to-date. Furthermore, the personal data subject is responsible for updating the recorded data to ensure that the information is constantly and completely updated.

Personal data subjects have the right to request access to their data and to request that these data be corrected or updated in accordance with the requirements of Article 13 and 18 of Law 9887 dated 10.3.2008 “On the protection of personal data ». The request can be sent to booking@duniport.al

Duni Port Agency shpk assures the subjects of personal data that their data is collected and processed only for the purposes of realizing the contractual/informational relationship of service provision.

Duni Port Agency shpk guarantees that it has taken all physical, technical and operational measures to preserve confidentiality as well as protection from loss, destruction, damage or even unauthorized distribution, in accordance with the requirements of Law No. 9887, dated 10.3.2008, “On the protection of personal data” (amended).

Personal data, collected and stored in the database of Duni Port Agency shpk, will be processed and controlled exclusively by our employees/collaborators. These data will not be transferred or communicated to third parties, except when consent is given or when this information is required by the competent authorities according to the law.

Data subjects have the right to refuse consent at any time to the collection and use of their voluntarily notified data and to request the deletion of this data by exercising the right to terminate the contract concluded between the parties.

Being familiar with the content of this section, the data subjects have accepted the terms and conditions related to the privacy policies of Duni Port Agency shpk.

  1. Intellectual property

The www.duniport.com logo and design as well as all trademarks and logos on this Site are protected by Duni Port Agency shpk and its business partners as registered and used trademarks. Each of these trademarks or logos may be reproduced and/or used only with a written permission from Duni Port Agency shpk or its respective business partners. The same applies to all the content and software of the www.duniport.com Site, which is exclusively the intellectual property of Duni Port Agency shpk and is protected by copyright.

  1. Cookies

We use cookies to provide you with the best experience on our site. If you continue browsing our site without changing your settings, we assume you are happy to accept cookies from our site.

Cookies are small encoded text files that are placed on your computer or other devices that are using this website. The website uses cookies to collect information about you.

We use cookies for the following reasons:

  • For marketing reasons, to advertise custom banners.
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  • Provides us with information about the use of our site and by attaching information about your purchases, helps us to improve and develop the products and services we offer.
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  • At no time do our cookies or those of third parties record your personal payment data.

We have classified our cookies into two different types; direct and third-party cookies. Direct are those that have been set by Duni Port Agency shpk to offer you a complete and functional shopping experience on our website. Third party cookies are set by our business partners such as Social Media, Analytics and Adobe which we use to display videos and obtain statistics.

We have tried to ensure that our customers have full visibility of the cookies used on our site. Our website requires the acceptance of certain cookies to enable your purchase at myticket.al. However, if you wish to limit or block cookies, you can use your browser to do so.

14. Final provisions

If one or more provisions of these Terms of Use become invalid, the rest of the Terms and of Use will continue to be valid and the validity of the contract will not be affected.

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