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Embark on a ferry trip and let the waves carry you to these so much desired destinations!

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Discover Durrës, a captivating coastal destination nestled along the Adriatic Sea in Albania! With its pristine beaches, rich history, and vibrant atmosphere, Durrës offers the perfect blend of relaxation and cultural exploration.


Welcome to Brindisi, a picturesque coastal town nestled in the heart of Puglia, Italy. Known as the gateway to the Adriatic Sea, Brindisi offers a delightful blend of historical treasures and seaside allure.


Welcome to Corfu, a breathtaking island paradise nestled in the sparkling waters of the Ionian Sea. With its stunning beaches, lush greenery, and Venetian-inspired architecture, Corfu offers a perfect blend of natural beauty and cultural charm. Explore the narrow streets of Corfu Town,


Discover the tranquil beauty of Igoumenitsa, a serene coastal destination nestled in the enchanting region of Epirus, Greece. With its idyllic beaches, crystal – clear waters, and lush green landscapes


Welcome to Vlora, a stunning coastal destination located on the picturesque shores of the Ionian Sea in Albania. Knows for its turquoise waters, breathtaking beaches, and scenic landscapes, Vlora invites you to indulge in the beauty of the Mediterranean.


Experience the allure of Bari, a captivating coastal city nestled on the Adriatic Coast of Italy. With its medieval old town, bustling ports, and stunning sea views, Bari offers a perfect blend of history, culture and natural beauty.

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